10 Best College Dancing Groups

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Best College Dance Groups

1. University of Tennessee

This university dancing team is well-known in Tennessee and other neighboring states. The university has been known in providing programs to aspiring cheerleaders, mascots and dancers. With their comprehensive program, the university is able to create good dance groups that win in different competitions all across the state. For many years, the dance group from this university has continuously given their school honor by winning in national competitions. Being UDA National Champion in 2007, 2008 and 2009 are just a few of their awards.

2. University of Colorado

The dance team from the University of Colorado also known as the Golden Buff is reputable in the world of university dance competitions. This team is said to have the most talented male and female student dancers in the university. This team has been competing nationwide to represent their school and has brought honor as they have won various awards and trophies.

3. University of Cincinnati

This university’s popular dance group is a favorite in the state. In fact, it has been said to be amongst the top university dance groups. It consistently lands on the highest 5 because they offer a good program for training and competitions. They are well known around the community as they take the time to perform for them during special events.

4. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Dance group has already put their name in the title book and in history. They have already won 14 national awards making them a known name in the various school dance competitions. This dance squad is also a 5-time defending dance champion. This is why this group is a top choice in school dance contests.

5. University of Nevada

This popular dance group from Nevada is also called ‘The Rebel Girls’ has become a crowd-favorite in the arena of dance competitions. They have become the representatives of the university in public relations allowing them to inspire others to be good with their goals in life.

6. Rutgers University

This Rutgers University Dance Squad is always in action dancing in the males and females
Basketball and even Football games. This dance group is always a crowd favorite since they are constantly seen by many people during their performances in games.

7. The Ohio State University

This dance group works hard as it has always been expected to do good whenever they join in dancing competitions at the nationwide level. Aside from joining different dance competitions, they also dance during special university programs and even in university activities making them well-loved at home.

8. University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky Dance Team or more popularly known as the Wildcats is a
team of mascots, cheerleaders, dancers and pep leaders. This team goes through a
summer program for all its members to increase and hone their skills so that they will always be ready for the different competitions they will compete in.

9. San Diego State University

This is the famous dance group that was formed by the well-known Jessica Brady back in 1998. Her deep passion for dancing made her competent in putting the team in different
competitions and school activities which help in improving the skills of every member.

10. Arizona State University

The Dancing Devils dance squad is the well-known dance team at Arizona State University.
They dance during the basketball and football games in their school, both for the men and women’s division. This is also a team that does dance sports in ballroom occasions of the university.
It is good to go to a school that supports the talents and passion of the students like dancing. Through the programs provided by the schools, students will be able to be better at things that they love doing.